As experts in commercial and industrial garage doors, Allison's Manufacturing Ltd can help you

We are experienced in commercial and industrial doors

At Allison's Manufacturing Ltd, located in Trout Brook, we know how to fulfill your customer’s requirements for any garage door-related products. This is not limited to just overhead sectional doors.

Before starting your project, get in touch with us so we can meet you to learn your customer’s exact needs. Based on the type of building and the work being performed there, we can show you which of our products are the best fit for your customer.

We provide sound advice every step of the way, from the conception of the project and its specifications, through to the installation and the finishing touches.

Making the right choice: we make it easy!

At first, it may seem difficult to choose the optimum industrial or commercial overhead door. We are here to make your life easier. A good choice is one that really corresponds to the way the door will be used. Paying too much for a door may not be beneficial. Paying too little may result in annoying and expensive repairs.

Follow this guide:

  • Select the overhead door that will be suitable for your customer’s application.
  • Choose the door system according to the degree of sturdiness your customer needs. This depends mainly on the dimensions of the garage door, the material it’s made of and the number of daily open/close cycles it will undergo.
  • Select the right garage door opener and safety accessories.
  • Finally, choose the type of windows your customer requires.

An installer learns his trade on the job

As Garaga commercial and industrial overhead door professionals, we possess extensive experience and profound knowledge of the ins and outs of these type of doors. We serve Trout Brook, Blackville, Acadian Coast, Doaktown, Boiestown, Newcastle, Bathurst, Belledune, Charlo, Neguac, Beresford, Tracadie-Sheila, Tabisintac, Baie-Saint-Anne, St. Margarets, Kouchibiquac, Miramichi and surrounding areas. We know our business, and we guarantee our performance.

Always choose components with the sturdiness required for the project. This will avoid unforeseen repairs and even 911 calls! The right choice is the overhead door suited to its intended use. To help you with this choice, we have developed a scale to determine the degree of sturdiness required: light duty, heavy duty and super heavy duty.

Preventive maintenance: it pays!

We also provide a preventive maintenance program that will ensure the optimal operation of your garage door in Trout Brook and prevent service downtime for many years.

Consider an overhead door, or any other type of garage door, as another important piece of equipment in your customer’s project. Choosing the right products, getting the installation done by qualified installers, and having regular inspections of any type of garage door will help your customer save time and money.

Here at Allison's Manufacturing Ltd, we are always seeking new opportunities to help and support architects and builders in Trout Brook and surroundings areas. Call us now at 506-622-3146 or complete our online form to get a free quote.

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