Why a Side-Mounted Garage Door Opener is the Best Choice

Do you have questions about choosing a different type of garage door opener? Do you need to clear some storage space? What are the different types you can choose from?

With today’s advances in technology, the options for types of garage door openers are numerous. Before choosing what works for you, you need to determine your price range, the size needed, available space, and desired features. All these things will come together to help you choose the best garage door opener for your home.

Although a trolley garage door operator is the main type of opening system, there are many others on the market that get the job done just as well. Over the last decade, a new design has become popular. This goes by many names, such as jackshaft, side-mounted, or wall-mounted garage door opener. This design is great for homes.

What makes a wall-mounted design special?

This type of garage door opener sits on the inside of the garage wall. Similar to a centrally designed opener, it comes with all the same accessories; however, the electronic components vary. The machine works specifically with a torsion shaft. This is attached on the top of the garage door, creating a system that counterbalances the torsion. When the open/close buttons are pushed, the shaft moves the door appropriately.

Browse the different features of this garage door opener model.

This model is the Liftmaster 8500W, an example of a jackshaft garage door opener system.

If you use a jackshaft system in your home, you not only get an aesthetic benefit of a sleek opener, but you get a range of other benefits as well. They might be on the higher-end of opener investments; however, they are extremely practical and efficient. Keep reading for a detailed description.

Open up plenty of area for storage

Are your garage shelves overflowing? Do you have trouble finding what you need? What is the solution when it seems that all the space is already taken? Here is your answer!

The first step is to let go of the unnecessary items.

A garage tends to be the place where you keep all the things that you might need on a rainy day. Before you tackle de-cluttering, we recommend reading this blog post to help you get an idea for what you need to do. The writer discusses three things to think about when figuring out what to keep and what to let go of.

  1. Could I easily access this item if it became necessary?
  2. Would it be affordable to simply purchase again?
  3. How likely is it that I will use it again? Do I actually need it?

Another thought to take forward is that having less “stuff” is better for your overall health. The trusted online medical site, WebMD, says that clearing your physical items has the potential to:

Make it easier to focus

Clutter can be distracting. When you do not have to look at mess and junk, it allows you to work more efficiently.

Heighten your level of self-esteem

The more in order your space is, the more in order your mental state becomes, which allows your stress levels to decrease and gives you the confidence to work with competence.

Encourage stronger relationships

Mess can be a source of frustration and arguments between you and those in your home. It is uncomfortable for a host and guests to be in a place of chaos! Having a clean, neat environment allows everyone to relax easily.

Help lessen effects of allergies and asthma

Keeping a home free of dust, dirt, debris, pet dander, and mold particles makes it easier to breathe for everyone, but especially for those with breathing issues.

Achieve overall better health

A healthy diet and high-quality sleep are essential to an overall healthy system. Being able to go to sleep in a clean, organized room helps your mind settle easily, and a kitchen that has easily accessible tools and appliances will be much more enjoyable to cook in.

Overpacked and unorganized garage.

How would you feel if this was where all your projects had to get done? Clearing this space would make it so much easier! Photo Credit: Unsplash.

Although it might seem like more work, the process of decluttering works best if you remove everything at once into a large pile in a new space. (If you have a very large garage, you could do this section by section.) Start the project knowing that it will take a while (maybe more than a day!), but when you have piles for everything you will keep, toss, or give away it will feel so much better.

Once your entire garage is cleaned out, you will be able to deep clean all the surfaces and floor, which will help the whole space feel even cleaner. This will also allow you to see the shelving and organizing possibilities with a fresh eye, so you can decide how you want to arrange things when you put it back together.

The next step is to ensure a secure, safe space for garage storage.

A clean, organized garage is a perfect place to store tools, large appliances, and extra vehicle parts or supplies. Once you have finished the initial deep-clean, finding places for all of this will be no problem. Remember, though, that to stay safe some things should never be stored in a garage.

This web article will detail what you should never keep in your garage in order to prevent accidents or negative situations. Staying within these boundaries will also keep you, your family, and your home safe.

The list is separated into three main sections:

Items or materials that pose a hazard

Used oil cloths, containers with fuel or propane

Items that bring in bugs or pests

Animal food, paper products, blankets/pillows, wood, old toys

Things that are valuable and/or susceptible to climate and weather

Computers, exposed wires, old pictures, personal identifiable information, alcohol, clothing, emergency food

Research how to best use your space

Once you move your garage door mechanism to the side wall, this will open up the entire top portion of your garage for storage racks, and it will also give you more room to park if you want a roof rack on top of your vehicle.

Search the web for ideas on all the types of organizing systems others enjoy for their garages. This magazine company produced an article that gives plenty of ideas for what to do with the ceiling of your garage! The ideas range from easy smooth hooks for bicycles to large but efficient shelving systems with labeled bins. You will be sure to find something that fits your lifestyle.

TAKE NOTE! A garage door opener on a jackshaft system will be compatible with all ceiling types. If you have a very high roof of your garage, you will not have to worry about reaching to the top to adjust or fix a trolly-type system. The only space you will need for a jackshaft garage door opener is around eight inches on only one side of the door. Almost everyone has that!

Trolley garage door openers take too much overhead space.

The shelving unit on the side of this garage takes up so much potential space! If this person had ceiling shelves, that entire section of the garage would be opened up.

Create a safe space

Although every garage door opener nowadays has a system to protect against obstructions (namely, people and animals), a system that is mounted on the wall has a cover over the motor so that there are no exposed parts of the machine. There also are not any parts of the system in which anyone could get their hands stuck and injured.

A jackshaft garage door opener system also emits much less noise and is more aesthetically pleasing than a trolley-opener system. If your home is built so that the bedroom or living room is directly over the garage, or if you would like to convert the garage into an extra bedroom or den, then this wall-mounted system is for you.

The “MyQ” Camera Security System

Although wall-mounted garage door openers do not include a camera-operated security system, they are available to buy and install anywhere in your home, namely, your garage. The techy person could easily use this camera system made by the LiftMaster company.

The smart-camera home security system allows you to open and close your garage door directly through your phone app, as well as see just what the camera sees! When there is movement outside the garage (the camera detects a large angle of 140-degrees), you receive a notification immediately. You will be able to rest easy knowing your house is safe no matter where you are.

The LiftMaster webpage gives you all the information about how the myQ system works.

LiftMaster MyQ application to control your garage door opener and keep an eye on your house.

Get notified of any and all movement near your garage with the LiftMaster included app.

Easy to maintain

A jackshaft garage door opener is much easier to keep up than a top-mounted system. Since there is no trolley rail holding the entire door open, there are not as many pieces that need lubrication, or that could eventually break.

There also are no chains or electrical belts that need cleaning and adjusting with a wall-mounted system. It is so much easier to reach the wall box than have to climb up and fix a ceiling-mounted opener, which lessens the risk of injury.

Having many pieces that need oiling often also means the chance that those substances could spill and ruin your car, garage floor, or be ingested! That situation could also cause a fire if not cleaned up properly. A wall-mounted system lessens this risk.

If you want to feel safe and comfortable in your garage, get a wall-mounted system!

A picture showing where is the photoelectric safety reverse system on your garage door and what it does

Does this look of garage door opener appeal to you? The LiftMaster 8500C model is a great choice.

Do you have more questions about buying?

No matter which type of garage door opener system you choose, each model for a home has specific attributes. This can make it hard to determine what is best for you!

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