The Top Garage Flooring Ideas to Customize Your Space

Wishing you had a garage you enjoyed spending time in? Are you tired of looking at those dingy, worn floors that have seen better days? Now’s the time to upgrade!

When is the last time that you took a good look at your garage floors? It’s just the floor, after all, and not something that most people notice. However, you should take a good look next time you’re in the garage and see what’s going on. The floors may have once been pristine and perfect, but that was long ago. If your floors feel like they need a boost, read on.

The interior of a well appointed garage with a black and orange tiled floor.

You like this garage floor? See other ideas from Wonderful Engineering

We’ll cover everything about choosing the best garage floor, including paint ideas and other ways you can change things up. We can even help with modernization tips and ideas for bringing the space together and choosing a new garage door to finish the look.

What to Know Before Working on Your Garage Floor

You will find plenty of coverings for your garage floor, no matter what you have in mind. You will want to make sure that you prep and repair the original surface first. You can’t put down a good floor on a bad one, after all. This can lead to early wear, bleeding of stains, and early cracks that could be avoided with proper preparation.

Old room with brick walls.

First things first. Repair and prepare the surface first. Image from Pixabay

Regardless of the floor that you choose, they’re not designed to handle moisture. Condensation and excess humidity need to be handled and you should consider whether it might be weatherstripping that is at fault here. Once you take care of the important repairs, you can move onto the aesthetic touches.

If your garage floor has too much damage, it may need fully replaced. This could include instances like:

  • If the floor has cracks that are caused by temperature changes or other issues.
  • If the threshold of your door needs repair or replacement
  • The floor seems to be sinking
  • You see constant signs of wear, chipping paint, or damaged materials on the garage floor
  • The floor has stains, damage, and other issues that simply don’t look good

Of course, you might even just choose to upgrade because you hate the way that your flooring looks in the garage and you want to do something about it.

Replacing the floor is the ideal solution, but if you have minor problems, you can also make small repairs. Read up on the recommendations below, consider what you are dealing with, and move forward from there.

Try out new garage flooring ideas to really make your contemporary garage look fantastic.

Try out new garage flooring ideas to make your contemporary garage look fantastic. You love an all-glass garage door? This the California, in 18’ x 8’, Black aluminum frame and Mirror glass

Consider Epoxy Garage Flooring Ideas

Epoxy is sometimes confused with pain because both require the use of brushes and rollers and because they are both liquid-type substances. However, while paint can penetrate all types of materials, epoxy hardens upon application because of its unique chemical reaction. This can allow you to create a beautiful, durable garage floor with a design or colour of your choosing.

You will find epoxy paint, which is paint with epoxy added for durability. This is an entirely different product than true epoxy, which dries due to a chemical reaction when the two parts are mixed. You will need to mix this before you apply it to the floors, however.

Try a New Coat of Paint on Your Garage Floors

All the best intentions happen with a positive outlook. However, when you get down to the facts, a garage is a space where you’re probably doing work, storing cars, and otherwise doing too many things to waste time and effort, let alone money, on the floors. However, a fresh coat of paint or epoxy could go a long way.

Most paints are either latex-based or oil-based, allowing the floor to be more resistant to stains than when other materials are used. It is important to choose materials designed for concrete floors or whatever type of garage floor you currently have for the best application and performance results.

Choosing a paint that includes a little epoxy could be a good way to create a solid finish and offer better durability over time.

Paint is a great way to add visual appeal to your garage floors.

Use paint to add some visual appeal to those boring floors.

Think About Tile Garage Flooring Ideas

If quick and easy is what you need, tiles are a great choice for any floor, and especially in the garage. These tiles are similar to home-use tiles but are often made of rubber, semi-rigid plastic, or a wood composite material.

You will find tiles that interlock to create a platform so that the floor is slightly raised. Tiles for garage floors are also designed to withstand the weight of cars, SUVs, and trucks.

  • Most floor tile is made of some type of plastic, usually polypropylene or PVC. There are also several finishing pieces available for thresholds, corners, edges, and more.
  • Rubber offers a comfortable base if you’re doing a lot of walking, standing, or even just working n the shop. You often see this flooring used in daycares and sports facilities, but it can be great in any garage, too.
  • Wood composite tiles have small panels that are designed to hold a lot of weight. The market for composites is growing as people seek out more affordable and durable solutions for their garage flooring needs. These tiles snap together with a tongue and groove motion, making it easy to install for anyone.

If it’s something that performs as good as it looks, tile is the way to go. Think about the reasons that you have for adding new tiles and what types of materials best suit your own preferences and tastes. With the selection available today, there’s a style for everyone.

What do you think about a tile floor for your garage? It's a great choice that is simple to clean.

Tile is the preferred choice for affordable garage flooring. It’s stylish and simple to clean, and sure to get noticed.

Floor Mats – Do You Need Them?

If you are seeking a way to avoid causing the dirt and debris to get into the garage in the first place, floor mats could be a great invention. These mats come in rubber and plastic and will allow you to cover up cracks and stains with ease. They can cover cracks in the floor, save your new paint job from oil spills, and more. For people who spend a lot of time in the garage and who want to keep things cleaner, floor mats are a good choice.

Floor mats can handle the abuse that it is given without missing a beat. Mats are thicker than normal and they are easy to clean, which means there will be less maintenance on your part.

While You’re Installing New Garage Floors…

If you’re thinking about new floors, what else might you want to upgrade? Consider a new smart garage door opener. Maybe you can install window s or an all-new garage door to completely revive and reinspire the space.

Add a new garage door with windows to make your space stand out.

Get more from your space with new garage doors. You love these garage doors? These are Eastman E-13, 8’ x 7’, in Desert Sand doors and overlays, with Panoramic Clear Windows.

Need a New Garage Door to Go with the Floors?

Contact a garage door specialist near you to learn more and find the perfect new garage door for your space and to match your new floors.

Allison's Manufacturing Ltd. is here to make it easy, and can even send a quotation via email.

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